Bucher December 2019 – December 13th, 2019

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December 11, 2019

Dear Family and Friends,

A year ago we wrote to you from California after returning to the USA from being and working in Vietnam for 3 years. It is taking us time to reconnect with friends and family and deepen friendships.

As of January 1 we were able to rent a farm house in the middle of farmland in Manheim, PA which was not far from Paul’s dad’s home in Salunga-Landisville, PA. Finding this space and being blessed daily with the rising and setting sun to view across the fields from the windows of this house built in the Civil war era is like medicine to our souls and spirits.

The reason we decided to come here was to assist Paul’s dad, who was 92 with his functional needs. Initially, Paul’s father did not feel the need to be assisted with cooking, cleaning, etc. in his home but often was frustrated with how things worked out for him. Getting around physically was gradually more difficult. One day Dad decided he would like to visit one of the retirement communities here to see if he could qualify and within a week he was informed that there was a single room apartment available and he was approved. So by April 12th dad was moving into the home. It is was not easy to make a move and down size from 4 levels in a home to one room and remember where you put things in a new space. We were glad Dad could enjoy some good and supported days there before he passed after a brief illness the end of August. We were glad that many of the children and grandchildren could visit with him. The memorial on August 27th in Lancaster, PA was a time of remembering the many stories of his life and gifts to others from relatives and friends near and far. Dad was the last of his siblings and in-laws to pass, so it feels like a real generational loss.

Paul, as the oldest and available sibling took on the job of cleaning up and selling his Dad’s house. That is mostly done now so we are both looking to have time to figure out what our retirement will look like from here. Esther has maintained her OT license and took in the OT Conference in New Orleans in April.

Paul’s younger brother Ken lives nearby but has been having his own health issues. Paul has been trying to spend a morning each week with Ken. He is enjoying getting to know his brother better since we were often living far away from his family.

Recently, Esther had some of her own health issues and her first experience of hospitalization for Afib- racing heart and irregular rhythm. Fortunately, that is now stable. More difficult was the 13 week sight blockage in her right eye post cataract and glaucoma surgery from a film of blood behind her lens. After a YAG laser procedure on December 5, sight has returned. What a gift to be able to see from both eyes!!

As we mentioned in our last blog, we have continued to support and give therapy assistance for goals and treatment suggestions for the therapy provided by the technicians in the homes and at the center in Vietnam. It is good to see the progress some of the children are making when we review the videos and pictures from their visits to the homes. MCC continues to hope to recruit another therapist from outside of Vietnam. (Click here for job info) We also mentioned and shared the link for a film done of the work at the center – we now have English subtitles on the film if you wish for following in English. (Click here for YouTube link-VTV1 - Heal the Pain)

We are looking forward to several weeks in California to be with Amy, David, and Forester. Hans and Pi will join for a week. We will celebrate 50 Years of being best friends and partners!

Please note our new contact information:

510 N Erisman Rd, Manheim PA 17545

Paul Cell 669-249-8560, Esther Cell 669-249-8561 - No Landline any more

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Paul and Esther Bucher

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